Prayer Request

Clint Ferguson, June 25, 2023 - 10:17 PM

Hello my name is Clint and I have an urgent prayer request. I am highly addicted to this drug called Kratom. It can be found in any vape shop. I've been suffering with this addiction for the past four to five years now and I can't quit on my own. I get extreme cravings for this drug and the withdrawal effects are extremely horrible and tormenting. I don't know if it's the drug itself or if an evil spirit is causing the physical symptoms but I want it gone. I ask that you pray that God will COMPLETELY DELIVER ME from the drug and that I will be miraculously set free without having to taper off of it, because honestly I can't. It's that addictive. Pray that I can be set free of it cold turkey, that I will no longer have any cravings for the drug, and that I won't experience the effects of withdrawal. I am so SICK AND TIRED of being a drug addict that I just want it to be OVER. PERIOD! Another problem I'm having is spending too much money, especially on the Kratom. It's destroying my financial life. If you can also pray for me that God will help me put better spending habits into use and that I won't spend as much money on junk like this and just on anything in general then that would be great too. Thank you in advance for your prayers. (On a side note I just wanted to add one more thing that you could pray for: Pray that God would heal my body from whatever damage I've done to it through involvement with this drug. Thanks!)