Prayer Request

Anonymous, June 16, 2022 - 7:09 PM

Greetings in Jesus Name,

Can you stand in the gap for us??

Pray against tormenting paranoia and sometime fear confuses/paralyzes us… . Our family desires peace. Pray for boldness, clarity and wisdom for our family.

A 'Christian' brother has submitted false evidence against me. We need to recover vital docs before the next hearing and it's been difficult. Prayer for a peaceful fair outcome..

We need a strong legal defense/offense. We need wisdom and boldness, clear minds

Pray for meaningful employment as I lost hours. Lord provide…

Dad's wife died and he's on anti-depressants and other medication . He gets pain in his hands and arm, back. Pray against dementia Alzheimer's. He also gets bad dreams.

Pray my brother gets out of debt and stops wasting money purchasing useless things like alcohol.

Pray he gets good credit again and wise business decisions. I pray he gets his mind renewed in the word of God, wisdom, not entertainment, overeating, overspending. Pray for favor with his boss and clear communication as he has been more irritable…

Praise God for affordable dental work. Thank God that my dad is safely overseas and that he arrives safely,

I will be preaching this month also

Thank you for bearing our burdens….